What Your Business Can Learn from a Bartender

What Your Business Can Learn from a Bartender

What Your Business Can Learn from a Bartender

Few workers’ income is more directly impacted by the quality and friendliness of services they provide than the bartender. With that in mind, what can we learn from them to improve the customer service our small to medium companies can provide to improve our own bottom lines? Here are some things we may be able to learn from bartenders.

People Do Business With Those They Like

This is nothing new, of course, but it helps to be reminded once in a while. Bartenders are good at reminding us about this. People simply are not going to repeatedly visit a bar where they don’t like those behind it. Bartenders know this as the best ones are the friendliest.

Knowing Your Customers is Important

Excellent bartenders know enough to introduce themselves and ask the names of their customers. They will do their best to remember their names and what they most often order. They pay attention to when a customer is ready to reorder and often anticipate that order from their regular customers.

A Comfortable Atmosphere is Important

The best bartenders make sure their work area is clean and well stocked. They pay attention to little things like the lighting level, type and loudness of music, and are usually good at mentioning any featured specials.

They Know How Things are Said is as Vital as What Is Said

Great bartenders who excel understand the nuances of interacting with their clients. They understand there is a big difference between “Do you need another drink?” and “Can I get you another?” They know it is better to say “I’ll be back with your change.” rather than ask “Do you need change back?”

Next time you are in your favorite bar or pub, pay just a little extra attention when you notice someone who is good at their craft. There is something to be learned from these excellent bartenders that can translate to your business.

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