Speeding Tickets and Insurance Rates: Myth vs. Mayhem (and Where We Can Help!)

Speeding Tickets and Insurance Rates: Myth vs. Mayhem (and Where We Can Help!)

Speeding Tickets and Insurance Rates: Myth vs. Mayhem (and Where We Can Help!)

Traffic tickets. The bane of many a driver’s existence. But beyond the immediate sting, a big concern is the potential impact on your car insurance rates. Will that citation turn your once-affordable premium into a budget-buster? Let’s separate myth from mayhem and steer you towards affordable coverage.

Not All Tickets Are Created Equal (When it Comes to Insurance)

The good news? Not every traffic violation triggers an automatic insurance hike. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Parking Violations: A Minor Inconvenience

Relax, those pesky parking tickets are considered non-moving violations. They usually won’t affect your insurance rates, though you’ll still want to resolve them to avoid late fees.

  • Moving Violations: A Gradual Impact

Minor moving violations like a slight speeding ticket or a rolling stop might not cause an immediate jump in rates. However, these infractions add points to your license. A collection of points can eventually lead to higher premiums. Think of it as a gradual warning system.

  • Speed Demons Beware: Reckless Driving and Insurance Woes

There’s a big difference between going 5 mph over the limit and weaving through traffic at breakneck speed. The latter can lead to a reckless driving charge, and that translates into significantly higher insurance rates. Remember, speeding tickets are tiered – the faster you go, the harsher the consequences (for your wallet and your driving record).

  • Accidents and Alcohol: A Recipe for Insurance Rate Disaster

At-fault accidents, especially those involving injuries, are guaranteed to raise your insurance rates. If alcohol is involved, things get even worse. Expect sky-high premiums, license suspension, and potentially even legal trouble. This is definitely a situation where prevention is key.

The Bottom Line: Consequences Depend on the Severity

Just like many things in life, auto insurance increases are relative to the situation. A minor speeding ticket might not cause a stir, but a reckless driving charge or an accident will definitely get your insurance company’s attention (and not in a good way).

Feeling the Pinch at Renewal Time? We Can Help!

If you’re facing a premium increase that seems unreasonable, don’t despair! As independent insurance agents, we can shop around and compare rates from multiple companies. Our goal is to find you affordable coverage that fits your needs, even if your driving record isn’t spotless.

Contact us today! Let’s get you back on the road with peace of mind and an insurance policy that doesn’t break the bank. Because hey, everyone deserves a second chance (or a tenth, depending on your driving history!).

Be Confidently Insured.


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