Start Claiming Your Money Back

Start Claiming Your Money Back

There has been a dramatic increase in auto-accidents over the past decade. With a larger population comes more traffic; with more cell phones comes distraction; with more severe crashes comes higher medical expenses and auto repair costs. Your wallets are gradually getting thinner.

Why the increase in accidents? There is nothing positive about destroying a couple of cars and injuring a couple of people while you’re at it. To bring rates back down, we must change things. While some causes are inevitable, others are entirely preventable—if we begin to put effort into making a difference in the way we drive.

Reason for Accident Prevention
1. Distracted driving. This can include anything from eating while driving to straining your neck to look at the accident that just happened on the road. 1. Put your safety and the safety of others’ first. Think twice about whether the distraction is worth your life or someone else’s life.
2. Cell Phone Usage. Did you know? Texting causes one of every four car accidents.


2. Do I even need to explain? Put your phone down! The “it won’t happen to me” attitude is wrong!


3. Weather. A dramatic increase in rainstorms and tornadoes plays a role in the rise of claims made. 3. The will of a human being cannot stop the mighty Mother Nature. Instead, try to protect your car from her forces. Avoid floods, park your car in a garage during hailstorms, drive away from a tornado—don’t be a storm chaser.

The sooner we become conscientious of the way we drive, the quicker the rates will decrease. Be aware. It’s your safety and your money we’re talking about here.

 By: KayLynn

Be Confidently Insured.


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