The Great Recreational Vehicle Revival

The Great Recreational Vehicle Revival

The Great Recreational Vehicle Revival

Normally, an economic downturn or an uncertain economy would mean a significant slowdown in the recreational vehicle industry. In 2020, however, RV sales are said to be skyrocketing. While COVID-19 has created layoffs and an uncertain economic future, people are being drawn to the great outdoors in a wide variety of recreational vehicles. What is creating this somewhat unique demand?

Families Consider it a Safer Vacation Alternative

Recreational vehicles are being viewed as a safer alternative to staying in crowded hotels or resorts. Owners can better control who has access to their space and how diligently it is cleaned.

RVs Can Limit Restaurant Visits

Recreational vehicles generally include some form of cooking area, allowing families to dine on the road without visiting restaurants. This is not only less expensive but most consider it safer to avoid larger crowds.

Millennials are Embracing the RV Lifestyle

Millennials are extremely social and an RV allows them to travel and interact socially in a manageable group. Class B recreational vehicles, those resembling large vans, are particularly a favorite with this younger crowd as they are self contained.

Some View It As a Less Expensive Way to Travel

Because you can sleep, eat and travel in a recreational vehicle, most view at as a more affordable way to travel as opposed to staying in hotel rooms and dining out. Modern RVs will even facilitate television, streaming, the internet and video games.

If you are not quite sure if the RV lifestyle is for you, consider renting an RV for a week or weekend. This will give you and your family an opportunity to sample the RV lifestyle without making a major financial commitment. Should you decide to proceed with a purchase, make sure you contact one of our independent insurance agents to ensure you have proper insurance coverage.

RV insurance can vary depending on how frequently your RV is used, what class of RV it is and how long and where it is stored. There will be significant differences in the policies of a small, tow-behind camper and a Class A bus-like recreational vehicle.

If you have any questions about RV or automobile insurance, contact us. We will be glad to make sure you are getting value for your insurance dollar.

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