Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly! It’s this Sunday. Have you made any plans to put a smile on your mother’s face (or grandmother!)?

Let’s reflect on what Mother’s Day is truly about. Mother’s Day is about gratitude and appreciation for the special mothers in your life. It’s about saying “thank you” and giving back for all she has given to you.

Mother’s Day may be truly exciting for some, and disheartening for others. If Mother’s Day isn’t necessarily a time to celebrate, I support you. You are not alone. I’m sending love to your heart as I type this.

If you are celebrating the holiday, let’s remember all the reasons we love our mothers. What are some reasons we should remember to give our mothers extra hugs today?

#1. She has made sacrifices for you since before you were born.

#2. She carried you, protected you, and loved you for nine months before she even met you.

#3. She went through tremendous pain for you.

#4. She gave you the best quality of life she could.

#5. Her love has always been unconditional.

#6. She nourished you.

#7. She has put your needs before her own.

#8. She raised you, teaching you valuable life lessons along the way.

#9. She is your best friend when you feel alone.

#10. She sees you with more love in her heart than anyone else.

#11. The bond between mother and child is truly unique.

#12. She laughed at you when you were embarrassed (and taught you to laugh at yourself, too!)

#13. She is protective over you.

#14. She has a motherly instinct that is beyond logical understanding.

#15. She has kept you safe.

Mother’s Day is the chance to give your mother the “thank you” she deserves. When you receive gratitude for something you’ve done, how does that impact you? It encourages you. It makes you feel appreciated and makes you want to try harder to earn that gratitude more often. By thanking your mother, you are motivating her.

Try to think of a gift or a gesture for your mom today. Make her breakfast and clean up the dishes afterward. Buy her a pretty ring to remind her daily of your love. Give her flowers that reflect the beauty she brings into this world. If nothing else, warm your mother’s heart up this holiday with a hug and a compliment.

By: KayLynn P.

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