Seven Steps to Become a Better Driver Tomorrow

Seven Steps to Become a Better Driver Tomorrow

Seven Steps to Become a Better Driver Tomorrow

Whether we’ve been driving 5 years or fifty years, we all tend to think we are pretty good at it. After all, our family isn’t likely to be honest with us about it and the guy behind us probably has let his feelings known, we just may have missed it. The fact is, the safer we drive, the less accidents we will likely be involved in. The fewer accidents, the less we may be able to pay for our car insurance. Ready to start saving? Here are seven steps you can take today to become a better driver tomorrow.

  1. Intend to Drive Safely

We are all in such a hurry. We get in our car, check the mirror, crank it up and away we go. We never give safety a thought. Before leaving, take a few seconds and make a conscious decision to have a good, smooth and safe trip. There is nothing more important to do during your trip than paying attention to the road, other drivers and your driving.

  1. Remember, Driving is Not a Video Game

It is not about seeing how close you can get to that guy who pulled out in front of you or speeding up to stop someone from passing you. Accidents can be time consuming, costly and dangerous. If you think you are having a bad day because you got cut off, imagine how much worse it will be spending the next 90 minutes while a police report is being filled out.

  1. Use Your Blinkers

It really isn’t that hard. Use your blinkers when changing lanes and turning. When turning, blinkers should precede braking.

  1. Consider an Online Defensive Driving Course

We know that guy in font of you could use one. Maybe you could benefit as well.

  1. Drive Smoothly

Driving smoothly means accelerating and braking without rattling your passengers. We’ve all met that guy who couldn’t wait to get to that next light…at that next light.

  1. Put the Phone Down

Yes, its hard. Yes, there’s a million reasons you should check that text. Do what you would tell your kids to do.

  1. Obey Traffic Laws

Stop signs are not suggestions. Roundabouts have rules. Yellow lights don’t necessarily mean “hurry, hurry.” At the very least make sure that if you do get in an accident, you are not the one cited.

Besides driving safer, the first step to saving on car insurance is comparing rates. Our independent insurance agents can do the work for you. They can compare rates among multiple companies. You choose the coverage best for you. Contact us today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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