What Are the Odds? Chances of a Natural Disaster Hitting Your Home

What Are the Odds? Chances of a Natural Disaster Hitting Your Home

What Are the Odds? Chances of a Natural Disaster Hitting Your Home

Every day, intentionally or not, we as humans play the odds. We play the odds when we get behind the wheel of our car, walk across the street or step into the shower. You can find the odds on just about anything that could possibly happen to you. If you are an amateur golfer, for example, the odds of you hitting a hole in one are about 1 in 12,500. For a pro golfer the odds drop to 1 in 2,500. Of course, if you don’t play the game at all the odds are non-existent. The odds of winning the Mega-Millions Jackpot are about 1 in 302 million and Powerball about 1 in 292 million. Even that doesn’t stop us from playing, however.

Some would argue that to some degree, insurance companies deal in the odds of something happening in determining premiums for their insurance policies. Certainly statistics play a critical role. Location, for example, is the most important issue in determining the odds of a calamity occurring. What are the odds of a particular natural disaster hitting home?

States with the most severe earthquakes:


It’s not surprising that Southern and Southeastern states see most of the nation’s most severe hurricanes. The top five include:

North Carolina
South Carolina

When it comes to tornados, states who have seen the most in recent decades include:


States with the most wildfires include:


Florida has the most people who live in FEMA’s 100 year floodplain, followed by California and Georgia.

It is important that you review your homeowners’ insurance to ensure you have the coverage you may believe you have. If you do not have flood insurance and want to acquire it, our independent insurance agents can assist you. If your coverage for high wind damage doesn’t appear to be sufficient, we can help you. If you are concerned about tornados, sinkholes or lightning strikes, talk to us.

Our homeowners’ insurance reviews are provided at no cost, and if you like, we will do the research to find you better coverage at the best possible price. The choice is always yours.

What are the odds of you experiencing a calamity? The time to prepare is now. Contact us for a review and quote today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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